Biobam introduces the new software named OmicsBox. OmicsBox is a bioinformatics software solution which allows to get from reads to insights with ease. Use OmicsBox for the NGS data analysis of genomes, transcriptomics and metagenomes.
The well known Blast2GO annotation methodology, first published in 2005, is now part of OmicsBox
OmicsBox offers 4 different modules. Blast2GO is part of the new module called "Functional Analysis". Additionally, it offers a Genome Analysis, a Transcriptomics as well as a Metagenomics Module.
OmicsBox also offersa new approach of analysis for shotgun metagenomics and for each module, new features have ben added, e.g. DNA Assembly, Repeat Masking, RNA-Seq alignment against the reference genome, differential expression analysis without replicates etc.
If you are interested in trying OmicsBox, please request 1 week trial and it can be downloaded here: Download.