BioBam, founded in 2011 and located in Valencia, Spain provides bioinformatics solutions for the functional annotation and analysis of genomic datasets to the scientific community. BioBam’s leading product, Blast2GO, counts with over 3000 scientific citations and is used by top private and public research institutions worldwide. It presents an all-in-one solution for functional genomics tasks, especially popular in non-model organism research.


Softberry is United States based Software Company, popular for its gene prediction softwares like FGENESH and genome annotation tool Molquest. Softberry’s products have been widely used worldwide and cited in most of the peer reviewed Journals.


The company was founded in the spring of 2003. It has taken over the development, distribution and support of the software packages JoinMap ® and MapQTL ® from Biometris of Wageningen UR. Kyazma focuses on implementing the latest powerful statistical genomics methods into easy to use, stable and fast software.


Exeter Software has been publishing and distributing scientific software since 1987. One reason of its rapid growth are many of the products were designed by researchers to solve real problems in biology and other fields. They are interested in expanding their offerings to match the needs of researchers.